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Fossil Power

Although renewable energy continues to gain attention, fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas still account for approximately 70% of our nation’s power production.  Hillsdale Fabricators has experience in both start-up construction and retrofitting of existing power stations. When job sites are near a navigable waterway, Hillsdale has shipped coal-handling conveyors in built-up sections by barge in lengths greater than 300’ and also shipped built-up sections of ductwork.  Hillsdale is always willing to assist our clients in building a job in the most efficient, safe and cost-effective manner. One example of this would be allowing the insulation contractor on our fabrication and preassembly site to attach what they can to our ductwork modules prior to shipping. This method reduces congestion on the job site and provides safer installation.

Stadiums and Arenas

Hillsdale Fabricators has extensive experience fabricating and erecting structural steel for stadiums and arenas. This market is not for just any fabricator; it has aggressive schedules, congested working conditions, penalties for poor performance and added emphasis on appearance of steel and coatings.  Hillsdale Fabricators thrives when faced with these challenges and also brings an unlimited bonding capacity with bonds written in excess of $250M for single contracts and $2B in the aggregate.  We are an accomplished truss builder adding to our strengths in this market.

Petrochemical and Industrial

Hillsdale Fabricators has served major customers in the petrochemical and industrial market because we are ready to meet the challenges of milestone and start-up dates set by our customers. Because of our experience in industrial construction, we have the capabilities to deliver your project more efficiently. In addition, we use BIM and 3-D technology to check for interferences prior to fabrication, assembling our steel to the greatest extent possible before reaching the job site. We use pre-assembly at our yard to avoid the exorbitant costs of assembly on site or at heights. Pre-assembly at our facility also enhances safety and avoids the risks of working at heights.

Heavy Civil and Government

Hillsdale Fabricators is always eager to participate in projects that enhance our nation’s infrastructure.  We have supplied closure gates, stop logs, and other fabrications at locks and dams and levee projects.  We have used our river facility to build-up steel into large sections and ship to applicable job sites by barge.  We also have the ability to install our gates whether they are on the water or for land-based closure structures. We are especially qualified to perform these projects because we are certified by the American Institute of Steel Construction for Advanced (Major) Bridge Fabrication with Fracture Critical and Sophisticated Paint Coating Endorsements.


Hillsdale Fabricators has an advantage when it comes to the transportation market because we can fabricate complex pipe structures and ship to bridge projects via barge. Additionally, the American Institute of Steel Construction has certified our company for Advanced (Major) Bridge Fabrication, with a Fracture Critical Endorsement. We also have a Sophisticated Paint Coating Endorsement, thanks in part to our completely enclosed painting facility.   

Nuclear Power

Hillsdale has performed fabrication and erection of structural steel for clients in the nuclear industry in accordance with the ASME NQA-1 Standard. Our experience with modularized construction, concrete construction, steel fabrication and erection combined with our quality systems, certifications and culture make us a powerful solution for your next nuclear industry project.  


The landscape of the automotive industry certainly has changed in recent years, but there is still demand for new facilities and renovation of existing facilities in the United States. Hillsdale Fabricators has worked on many automotive projects since its inception more than 50 years ago. Based in St. Louis, but with  a strong presence in Detroit, we have a strong history in this market.

Healthcare and Commercial Buildings

Hillsdale Fabricators has fabricated structural steel for many projects in the healthcare and general building market. We meet all criteria for the American Institute of Steel Construction’s Standard for Steel Building Structures.  Typical challenges seen in this market are schedule demands, tight job sites with limited lay-down area and managing a construction site near a functioning facility.  Hillsdale will adjust shift schedules and equipment to accommodate noise concerns, waste control, air quality and its overall footprint on the site.