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Our Facilities

​Fabrication Shop

Hillsdale Fabricators performs most of its steel fabrication in its 250,000-square-foot fabrication shop that sits on a 60-acre property in St. Louis, Missouri.  We self-perform more than 400,000 man-hours of labor per year in our fabrication shop. Our shop is equipped with the latest computer numerically controlled equipment, and we have a professional team of fitters, operators, welders and production management that are second to none in the industry.  Every inch of our shop is accessible to an overhead bridge crane or gantry crane with a lift capacity under roof of 60 tons.  We have 70,000 square feet of material storage under hook and an additional 400,000 square feet of storage in our yard that is serviced with a 30-ton fork truck. In the shop, we fabricate heavy structural steel, pipe, custom plate work and carbon steel ductwork.  A railroad spur enters our property from the east and 500’ of track is under roof in our fabrication shop giving us the ability to ship and receive by truck, rail or barge.
Hillsdale Fabricators is certified by the American Institute of Steel Construction, the Canadian Welding Bureau and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. 

Paint Shop

After the fabricated steel flows through our shop, it reaches our painting facility to receive high-performance coatings.  Prior to painting, the steel moves through one of our two Wheelabrator blasting machines to receive proper surface preparation ensuring maximum adhesion between paint and steel.  From there, the steel is moved into our 40,000-square-foot  environmentally controlled painting facility.  Our paint shop is completely enclosed, allowing for optimal painting conditions year-round.  These ideal conditions are achieved from radiant heat beneath the floor and fresh-air heater units that stabilize humidity and dew point to the recommended application conditions.  These ideal conditions for the paint system minimize the time necessary for recoating and curing. This improves throughput, which is especially important when applying three-coat systems.  Special care is given to our steel during loading and tie-down to ensure it is received with no damage to the applied coatings.

River Yard

Hillsdale Fabricators has an assembly and shipment yard on the Mississippi River, which makes it easy for us to ship fabricated modules and other steel on barges. This 12-acre facility, located just off Humboldt Avenue north of St. Louis, Missouri, separates Hillsdale from most fabricators by giving us the ability to preassemble large steel structures and ship them via barge. From this site we have shipped structures weighing several hundred tons and in lengths greater than a football field.  Some examples of steel shipped from Humboldt include coker structure modules and derricks for refineries, built-up sections of power plant ductwork, stair towers, baghouses, pipe racks, bents, miter gates, sector gates and conveyor systems with electrical and mechanical items already attached.

Equipment Yard

Hillsdale Fabricators is in a unique position for a steel fabricator with access to an equipment fleet valued at greater than $100 million.  Our parent company’s tradition of equipment investment began in the 1930s when it traded the horse and wagon in for its first truck. We’re proud to own and maintain our own equipment because we can control quality, safety and availability.  Ownership eliminates the uncertainty of relying on outside suppliers and brings the value of reliability and cost certainty to our clients.  That means customers can count on Hillsdale to both fabricate and erect steel on time, on schedule and safely. Our equipment fleet is extensive and includes cranes (tower cranes, lattice boom crawlers, hydraulic rough terrain cranes and hydraulic deck cranes), heavy fork trucks, tractor trailers, man lifts, river barges, dozers, loaders and dumps.  Smaller pieces of equipment and small tools are stocked in our warehouse.  All equipment is serviced at our maintenance division located on the same 60-acre property as our fabrication facility and equipment yard.