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Steel Fabrication

Hillsdale Fabricators is certified by the American Institute of Steel Construction, the Canadian Welding Bureau and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.  Since our inception in 1958, Hillsdale Fabricators has performed steel fabrication for projects of different type, shape, and size, lending to our diverse mix of capabilities. 
Hillsdale is an accomplished fabricator of structural steel for power plants, bridges, airports, stadiums, arenas, casinos and many other types of structures. 
We also perform custom plate fabrication for carbon steel ductwork, SCR systems, scrubbers, precipitators, absorbers, silos, baghouses, bins, miter gates, sector gates, and other types of closure structure gates.
Hillsdale also fabricates complex pipe structures, as evidenced by our work on the pipe roof trusses and torpedo columns at Indianapolis International Airport, the pipe curtain wall enveloping Kansas City’s Sprint Center and the pedestrian bridge leading to the Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


Hillsdale Fabricators has a 40,000-square-foot environmentally-controlled painting facility and carries the American Institute of Steel Construction’s Sophisticated Paint Coating Endorsement – Enclosed.  Our painting facility is capable of having multiple zones, has heated floors and can control both humidity and dew point enabling optimum conditions to improve recoat and cure times. 
Connected to our fabrication shop, the paint facility is also the main shipping point, featuring six loading docks. The paint shop is equipped with two 20-ton overhead cranes that give us a 40-ton capacity and a 40’-wide by 22’-tall opening that allows for handling and loading of large structures. If a project requires more capacity, we can set up a blasting and painting operation outdoors on our 60-acre property and accommodate whatever size crane and temporary enclosure is needed to accomplish the task.    


Hillsdale Fabricators understands the advantages of receiving modularized steel at your jobsite. We use our facility on the Mississippi River to preassemble steel and ship via barge. In addition, we plan with the erection team to minimize splices and field work. Completing as much work as possible before shipping reduces congestion on the project site and keeps as much labor as possible out of the field, which saves the project owner money. Hillsdale also cooperates with other trades, permitting them to work on modules prior to shipment.  Modularization not only saves money, but enhances safety because the other trades can perform their work on the ground before a steel module is erected on-site.

Barge Shipping

Hillsdale Fabricators uses its barge-shipping capabilities to deliver steel built-up to the greatest extent possible to facilitate quicker, safer and less-costly field installations. Our 12-acre river yard is a short distance from our fabrication facility and is located on the Mississippi River just north of downtown St. Louis.  Hillsdale Fabricators typically leases barges and subcontracts tug services, though we do have our own fleet from which to draw.

Steel Erection

Hillsdale Fabricators erects structural and miscellaneous steel and specializes in large complex structures. We have substantial experience in building stadiums and arenas, power plants, bridges, and performing work on waterways and a multitude of industrial and commercial structures. We have the resources to deliver your project safely and on time, regardless of project complexity, site conditions or demanding schedule parameters. Our ironworker superintendents are cross-trained with our general contractor parent company, Alberici Constructors, Inc., bringing experience to Hillsdale that is unrivaled in the steel fabrication and erection industry.

Design Assist and Preconstruction Budgeting

At Hillsdale Fabricators, we help our customers drive down costs and enhance productivity through early involvement in the design of structural steel components and connection details. Our preconstruction team is eager to assist customers with accurate budgeting and to offer insight into acquisition costs, availability, lead times and trends in the ever-changing steel market. Want to save money by making the structure lighter?  Should steel connections be bolted or welded? Let us analyze the options using our knowledge of steel fabrication and erection. We can offer the best solution to your design team. 

Detailing and Engineering

The detailing and engineering department at Hillsdale Fabricators plays a vital role in our ability to deliver a successful project.  Although we are a skilled in-house detailer, we prefer to subcontract detailing and erection engineering to experts in the field of the project we are performing and manage the design process with our full-time staff of engineers, draftsmen, checkers and project managers.  From connection design to material procurement, detail drawings and marking plans, our staff has the experience and the knowledge to review design and provide value-engineering that will exceed your expectations.

BIM Services

Hillsdale Fabricators brings value to customers by use of Building Information Modeling and 3-D technology. Modeling a project has many benefits, such as enhancing communication among the project team to illustrate design intent and ensure owner expectations are met. Our steel model, when interfaced with the HVAC, mechanical, electrical or other trades’ models, can detect interferences or design errors and address them before problems arise in the field. Finding errors early and prior to production can save tremendous amounts of money and keep a project on schedule.

International Sourcing

If you are considering steel fabrication from non-domestic sources, let Hillsdale Fabricators be your international sourcing consultant. Hillsdale has the knowledge to review the mix of work and recommend what may be cost-effective to bring in from foreign fabricators. We also have established relationships in China and other countries to ensure a successful procurement from low-cost providers overseas. Often the optimal approach may be a mix of foreign and domestic fabrication to offer the best bottom-line value to the owner.  Hillsdale Fabricators will manage the steel scope and ensure deliveries are on-time and in the manner needed to facilitate efficient installation.