About Us

For more than 60 years, Hillsdale Fabricators has delivered complex structural steel projects with the utmost attention to quality, schedule and safety.

It is this culture of unflinching dependability that has laid the foundation of our success. It is our people, however, who set us apart. Our management staff, with the culture and mindset of a builder, is trained to solve the toughest construction challenges using teamwork, integrity and a commitment to excellence.

We have grown by exceeding client expectations on a wide range of fabrication and erection projects including power plants, automotive and industrial manufacturing facilities, sports venues, airports, bridges, flood control structures and commercial buildings. Our facilities located in St. Louis are uniquely positioned to supply projects throughout North America by truck, railcar or barge.

Hillsdale Fabricators is a division of Alberici Corporation, one of the largest and most respected builders in North America.