TEST POST SSM St. Joseph Expansion Project Wins SLCCC Best Practice Award

The SSM Health St. Joseph Hospital – Lake Saint Louis Expansion project was honored at the St. Louis Council of Construction Consumers’ annual awards ceremony. The annual awards recognize successful use of Construction Industry Best Practices validated by the Construction Industry Institute (CII) to improve project quality, budget and schedule.

Construction of the expansion of SSM St. Joseph Hospital was recognized for the Front End Planning Best Practice. The project added three stories to the existing two-story hospital without disrupting the continuing health care services in a fully functional institution. Joining in award honors were team members: SSM Health St. Joseph Hospital, Alberici, Northstar Management and the Lawrence Group.

Working with hospital management and department heads, the teams developed a detailed plan for material deliveries and crane logistics. Bluebeam software was used to plan access routes, maintain  life safety functions and implement phased access to critical utilities. To support the critical need for patient confidentiality, site specific orientations for all trades people and vendors were conducted to provide coaching on special conditions required in the hospital.  The team delivered the project under budget and two months ahead of schedule with zero lost time incidents.

Alberici was well-represented at the awards ceremony. The St. Elizabeth Replacement Hospital project was also nominated for a Best Practices Award, and Alberici Diversity Coordinator was nominated as a Diversity and Inclusion Champion.